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The Team


Elendu Okoronkwo, MD; Psychiatrist.

Dr. Okoronkwo is a General Adult & Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist at Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He is the psychiatric lead for the Positive case management Program of the psychosocial Rehabilitation Program at Health Sciences North. He currently the Chief of the Department of Psychiatry at Health Sciences North. He has a wealth of experience in the use of Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and also well trained in the use of Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) in treating resistant depression. He is active in the research community and is currently involved in a number of research projects. Dr. Okoronkwo graduated from from the University of Nigeria and completed his specialist training in Dublin, Ireland. He is  an Assistant Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). He is passionate about treating his patients with the best evidence based treatment modalities available and help them to  achieve remission and attain functional recovery. 


Kuppuswami Shivakumar, MD, Psychiatrist.


Dr. K. Shivakumar is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry at the Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He is the lead psychiatrist for the Early Intervention Psychosis, Shkagamik Kwe Health Centre (Aboriginal Health Access Centre ) and few other community psychiatric programs. He works with people suffering from various psychiatric disorders, including treatment-resistant conditions such as Major Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Adjustment disorder and Schizophrenia. He has a particular interest in working with patients suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and currently involved in various research activities to improve the care for people with ADHD and associated comorbid psychiatric conditions.  

Dr. Shivakumar completed his psychiatric training at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley NHS trust in the UK and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrist (UK). He completed his Masters of Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2015 and the focus of his MPH was to identify various mental health treatment delivery options for marginalized populations such as refugees and homeless people. He became a dual certified (Adult and Geriatric) Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. He has attended various workshops in psychiatric treatment approaches, training courses in newer treatment options such as ECT, RTMS. Dr.Shivakumar is also actively involved in multiple research projects with several national grants and teaching residents and medical students. He has published several peers-reviewed psychiatric articles and author of three books. 

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At Advance Wellness Centre, we pay attention to your well being in a wholesome way. Our treatment plans are tailored to your specific health needs. Every aspect of your health is examined and the best health advise provided to you and your loved one.

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We conduct thorough assessments,  diagnoses and treatment of treatment resistant mood and anxiety disorders. We offer assessment and treatment for Adult ADHD. 

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